Why the Real Modern Family Conference?

The reality is that families are not what they used to be. Almost half of the marriages in our society end in divorce. More people are raising their children without a spouse or a support system. Parents and children are increasingly alienated from each other. The unattended pressures from home and social media force us to live lives that are unsustainable, or present healthy relationships as simply unattainable. These problems are real, but they are not reasons to give up. Forty-five years of marriage, three children and four grand-children have taught us the importance of having success as a family. Did you know that healthy families give our children and teens a greater chance for high academic achievement, emotional health, and healthy relationships outside of the home? Did you know that healthy, long lasting marriages have been proven to help heal deep emotional wounds leading to better emotional health? We desire to see families reach their full potential and benefit from being connected to each other. It takes a family to get real, to deal and to heal, so that we can experience the love, care and support that all members of a family want and need. Now is the time! Join us in Atlanta for the 2016 Real Modern Family Conference. Get registered, get real, deal and heal.

Bishop Flynn & Carolyn Johnson
Conference Hosts